Reborn Baby Dolls

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Beautifully Life-like Collectable Baby Dolls

reborn baby dolls

Pat Goodrick

Pat Goodrick is a doll artist based in Cape Town, who creates highly collectable life-like baby dolls under her business name, Pat-a-Cake Babies. Also referred to as reborn dolls or life-like babies, Pat’s creations are well known throughout South Africa, as she is one of the top artists of this craft in her home country.

Pat discovered this appealing art form six years ago when they first took South Africa by storm. Having experience as an artist specialising in watercolours, she found the complex painting process of bringing these dolls “to life” no problem.

Pat mainly makes custom babies, each one unique, and invites clients to specify the size of the baby – which of course affects price. Each reborn baby doll is made of a soft durable vinyl that even has the feel of a real baby, and has the advantage of being non-breakable, unlike a porcelain doll.

collectable dollStarting with a doll that is supplied in kit form, Pat spends up to 15 hours painting each one to show exquisitely fine detail, right down to tiny veins, natural skin blemishes, and perfectly formed new baby finger and toe nails. Each hair is individually rooted with top quality mohair that is fine and soft, just like the hair of a real newborn baby. The hair-rooting process can take more than 15 hours to complete.

Finally these collectable baby dolls are filled with soft, cuddly stuffing and weighted to create the feel of a real baby, including its floppy head.

Kellie reborn baby doll

Kellie: 20 inch

Pat exhibits these exquisite baby dolls at all the well-known craft markets in the Cape Town area.

CLICK HERE for more information and to contact Pat via her website.

Estelle reborn baby doll

Estelle: 20 inch







Huggy Bear reborn baby doll

Huggy Bear: 20 inch

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  1. stingerms says:

    I want a reborn baby doll and I am 13 years old and my mom said I am to old for a baby doll and I have a American girl that a don’t play with so she not going to waste her money on a baby doll I not going to use

  2. Orbit says:

    I have been looking at these dolls on E-bay for over a year. I just purchased my first one and it’s amazing! I am curious about how people get into this art, how they learn the process and how much practice it takes before you’re able to create a lifelike doll? Thank you.

  3. Matthew says:

    This would be much appreciated :
    What is a reborn baby doll ?
    What do reborn baby dolls do ?
    Do they all cry and need to be fed ?
    Where can I purchase one for about 70 dollars plus shipping seperate ?
    I never had one but I am really intersted in one .

    Thank you
    I have actually searched and they are some that are 50-140 dollars. They do cry and most come with a bottle. Thanks anyways.

  4. alberto s says:

    When did the baby doll top first come out? what other clothes came back from earlier times, like the 60s or 70s???? its for school!

  5. Anny says:

    Does anyone know where i can get a baby doll exactly like a baby. Far as looks and being like a baby.
    1.Limp neck
    2.Can drink and pee(Like a tube inserted in baby or something)
    3.Blink eyes
    4.Move arms
    6.Heartbeat(not a real heart)
    7.Warm like a baby

  6. Janek says:

    Get hold of Pat directly, here is her website:

  7. Cupcakerum says:

    I want to make these Reborn Dolls & I wish to have a list of Everything i’ll require & any instructions too. Thanks!

  8. Janek says:

    There is a contact form on the website here:

  9. TommyKay says: has reborn dolls I love. But it won’t allow me contact the site individual. I was thinking when there was any method to email or see how much they are. Thanks.

  10. Pat says:

    Hi Penny. Carene and I have made contact. Thanks!

  11. Penny says:

    Hello Carene, please contact Pat directly via her website at

  12. carene says:

    Ek wil graag uitvind wat is die pryse van die new born babas en dalk fotos asb

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